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About DCT

※ Decentralized Clinical Trial

Patient-oriented clinical trials that do not rely on visits to trial site

Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) refers to a clinical trial that does not rely on visits to a trial site by utilizing telemedicine, home nursing and digital devices, such as wearables. DCT contributes to ease the burdens placed on patients due to their physical condition and distance from the trial site, improving patient enrollment and reducing the trial cost related.

Site-centered clinical trial

Patient-oriented clinical trial


Digital clinical trial solutions only provided by DCT Japan

solution 01

Mobile Nurse

Nationwide mobile nurse network and 24/7 service

DCT Japan makes the most of the know-how and human resources of the group medical institution Tetsuyukai, which has experience in more than 20 home nursing clinical trials, and nationwide mobile nurse network to cover all the area for the implementation of home nursing service in the comfort of patient’ home.
Mobile nurses are trained on GCP and the protocol by our well-experienced staff and certified to carry out home visits in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Numerous experiences in indications such as cancer, rare diseases, infectious diseases and orthopaedics

Rare disease A Rare disease B Cancer Other
Confirmation of the health status of the patient, including concomitant medications
Vital sign
Blood draw
Urine collection
Specimen processing and transport
IMP administration
Explanation of iPad usage to patient
Support for telemedicine by investigator
Vaccine administration
solution 02

Technology Platform

Easier and safer DCT with our digital platform

Telemedicine platform provided by Integrity Healthcare, a group company, is used by more than 4,000 medical institutions nationwide, enabling communication not only between investigators and patients, but also between our Decentralized Trial Assistant (DTA) and mobile nurses to ensure the safety of patients in home clinical trials and improve the quality of work by mobile nurses.

solution 03

Satellite Network Satellite Network

We can help improve enrollment and retention by reducing the burden on patients.

The burden on patients can be reduced by conducting patient recruitment, screening tests, imaging tests at medical institutions close to the patients' homes (Satellite medical institutions).
Through the medical institution network Integrity Healthcare and Tetsuyukai have, DCT Japan can launch satellite medical institutions across the country that contribute to a reduction in the number of trial site and clinical trial cost.

solution 04


A wide range of consultation support is available, including planning, implementation and follow-up.

Consultation support is provided by in-house experts with extensive experience in DCT and Tetsuyukai doctors, including advice on the design and preliminary research on DCT, selection of devices and introduction of DCT to the trial sites from a medical and clinical point of view, as well as from the point of view of relevant laws and regulations.

Consultation for DCT

  • Advice on introducing home nursing clinical trial(Appropriate visit points and activities for home nursing and its feasibility, etc.)
  • PMDA consultation support
  • Support for trial site selection(based on patient demographics and consideration of introducing satellite medical institutions)
  • Research and advice on the introduction of wearable devices and other DCT platform
  • Support for the introduction of
    DCT to the trial sites
  • Proposal for comprehensive
    DCT structure
    (eRecruit, Satellite medical institution, home nursing, DCT platform such as telemedicine system, etc.)


DCT Japan provides DCT services from Japan in cooperation with partners in Asia and other countries, and by becoming a hub, DCT Japan can integrate and improve the quality of work, be point of contact and reduce contractual process, supporting global studies more efficiently.


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DCT Japan Co., Ltd.
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DCT(Decentralized Clinical Trial)solution service including Home nursing, Telemedicine、ePRO, etc.
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